Chief Data Office

We rarely need to explain the benefits of analytics to our clients. In fact, expectations of the benefits are huge and rightly so. A value driven approach to analytics will ensure that you find innovative ways to make the most of your limited time to make great decisions faster than your competition.

Where are you now?

Your organisation may have already started experimenting with analytics through ad hoc projects either scattered throughout your organisation or ‘quarantined’ to a specific team as a trial. Your initial foray may have resulted in mixed results but there’s enough momentum now that you’ve realised that analytics needs to become part of your organisation’s new way of working but what do you do from here?

Where do you want to be?

This challenge can be meet through establishing a Chief Data Office (CDO). This office acts as the catalyst to build and implement a consistent and optimised approach to analytics across the whole organisation. This team of business intelligence experts, with skills across data, systems, modelling, statistics, visualisation and communication, are led by a Chief Data Officer as the executive sponsor repsonsible for analytics across the whole organisation.

What can you do to get there?

The establishment of a CDO is unique to every organisation based on the relevant importance of strategy, access to data, current maturity and organisational culture. Regardless, we have found that there are aspects that often be similar. We have used a proven set of tools, template, processes, products and systems to expedite the establishment of a CDO and to ensure its success.

What you can expect to achieve from your CDO?

To date, we have found that a CDO will deliver you a range of benefits, including:

  • Quicker implementation
  • Optimised resourcing
  • Strategically aligned and prioritised analytic initiatives

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