Overview of a value calculator

What is a value calculator?

A value calculator is a tool that uses VDTs to dynamically calculate the benefits arising from improvements. A value calculator is the tool that allows VDM to be used across all stages of the benefits realisation process. It is particularly useful during when quantifying and prioritising benefits.

What does a value calculator do?

A value calculator’s primary purpose is to value improvements across the operations of an organisation. It can provide a valuation that incorporates the constraints and dependencies unique to that organisation’s specific operations. The tool is able to value improvements as either individual changes, or as part of larger projects or programmes of change.

The development and delivery of a value calculator, as part of a project, could happen in a number of different ways. Below is an example, generic project plan that delivers a value calculator for an organisation. The process itself if agnostic of any industry or company and could be used to deliver either small or much larger value calculators. The key elements to be mindful with this plan are that it allows sufficient time for good design. It also ensures that the tool is built in modules so that it can be progressively validated and tested. While this plan is only focussed on delivering a value calculator, it is equally possible for a value calculator to form part of a much larger project focussed on benefits realisation and cost reductions